Our Story

Who We Are.

The Year Was 2007

HOPE Foundation was established in October 2007, by a group of People who drugs aspiring to contribute towards addressing issues which had already affected their own live in some way or other. These were people who had experienced the pain, agony and chaotic lives of drug use. Their families, friends and society were also affected at large, so there was a need for collective effort to prevent further damage. The group felt that as a first step they need to pay back to society what it had provided them and also minimize the damage due to drug addiction and its implications for HIV/AIDS. The purpose of a collective effort was to prevent the catastrophes of a colossal economic, social and human cost brought into Orissa by the epidemic of drug use and its implication HIV/AIDS. An indispensable need was felt to venture forward for the salvage and up-liftment of society. Through the power of the collective initiative and with the motto- “Humility, Courage & Wisdom” in their hearts, HOPE Foundation moved forward consistently with “human responses” to fulfill their vision.  


HOPE Foundation being primarily a grass roots organization, the need for reaching our “humanitarian helping hand” is felt and at times it is frustrating for us to feel the helplessness. But on the other hand, it is encouraging in seeing a good number of drug users being brought and sustained in the mainstream and enabling them to earn their livelihood on their own – free of drugs. Above 18 ex-drug users are currently employed in the different project of HOPE Foundation delivering outreach, drug treatment, prevention, intervention, care & support services to a variety of target groups. More than 15 drug users’ families are being brought into vocational training and work-sheds and are enabled in forming a self-help group for provision of basic support for family and their children.

Supported by LEPRA Society and contributions from the members and well wishers HOPE Foundation started working among 400 IDU and the community in lower economic profile with enormous constraints of resources (human, financial and technical). HOPE Foundation was established the self sustainable drug de-addiction center in Bhubaneswar with the support of different individual donor in March 2009 and the second self sustainable center was establish in 2010 with support of local NGO named AVA . The external funding was available from 2010 with support of LEPRA Society, European Union and Interact Worldwide and this can be considered as an acknowledgement to the achievements of HOPE Foundation. This was a landmark in the history of HOPE Foundation and the activities expanded and intensified there after. Since its inception HOPE Foundation has been working in the area of intervention and prevention of HIV among the drug users and slowly expanded its activities to cover other vulnerable groups with care and support program of People living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV) and issues affecting the lives of women and children across the state of Orissa. HOPE Foundation also established meaningful linkages and is collaborating with different local, regional, national and international agencies. In the context of globalization, the issue of HIV/AIDS has interconnection with the issue of poverty; Gender based violence, migration and development aggressions in the state. Keeping view on our long experience HOPE Foundation has strongly felt the importance of strategic and collective response to the issue of HIV-AIDS through clear Vision and Mission of the organization.

Hope Foundation Impact (By Decade)

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