Targeted Intervention (TI)

Project for IDUs at Jajpur (201-114) & Puri (2014-17)

Targeted Intervention (TI) Project for IDUs at Jajpur (201-114) & Puri (2014-17)


HOPE Foundation was the first CBO is run by the ex drug users awarded and implementing the IDUs project from April 2011, the title of the project is ‘Targeted Intervention Project for IDUs in Jajpur town’ which is supported by the State AIDS Control Society (OSACS), Orissa. The current project period is for one year i.e., from April 2011 to March 2012, which is expected to be continued for a longer period. The project continues the program in April 2011 to work with 150 IDUs. The project confines to the Jajpur town and Jajpur road wherein nearly 500-700 people are expected to have taking Injecting Drugs and many have turned HIV positive. The project, by April 2011, has identified 126 IDUs and at the moment has extended services to all of them. The programme area is divided in to four clusters which are distributed amongst out reach workers and 4 peer educators.

The HOPE Foundation project is the first of its kind in the state of Orissa implemented by ex drug users and offers unique experience to staff of the organization. Similar projects are being implemented in the different part of the state. Since the project is in Jajpur town, and the only project focusing IDUs, all concerned involved in HIV/AIDS prevention including OSACS is watching the progress, which is a challenge for HOPE Foundation.

We require your help.

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