Day Care Center for De-addiction

Day Care Center for De-addiction


The day care center started by HOPE Foundation at Baramunda nearer to the different hotspot and centrally located for accessible by the drug users. The available of public transport like auto, bus to reach the center without any difficulties. The most important part the location is also a nearer to community drop-in-centre for IDUs / Drug users. The day care center has one big room with toilet and kitchen for the clients. The clients make the different relaxation physically and mentally with the support of peer counsellor and provision of recreational materials. The concept of the center is to develop the drug users to for a positive changes like to motivate towards drug free life. From the day care center the clients are refer to DRC for de addiction.

Timing of the center: 9 am to 6pm (Mon – Sat)

Process of recovery:

While drugs and their metabolites quickly become undetectable in blood and urine, some as rapidly as 3 days after last usage, drug metabolites remain stored in fatty tissues for years. That accumulated drug residues continue to cause adverse symptoms led. The program aimed at reducing levels of toxins in the body to assist in recovery.

Program Activity:

The Program utilizes a combination of exercise, induced sweating, and nutritional supplements to produce the following results:

• Reduction or elimination of drug cravings.

• Reduction or elimination of many symptoms associated with drug addiction and alcoholism. These can include depression, irritability, and fatigue.

• Ability to think more clearly.

• Improved memory and attention span.

• Increased energy.

• Increased sense of well-being.

• Enthusiasm toward Life.

Levels of drug metabolites are not detectable in clients prior to the start of this program, then increase dramatically and slowly taper off as the program is continued. This supports the argument that drug residues remain in the fatty tissues and that the correct treatment can mobilize and remove them through the body’s excretory systems.

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