Sl. No. Name of work Duration of Work Approved Value of works
1 Construction of Staff qrs. & Inteternal roads at Laxmisagar BDA store Bhubaneswar under E.E., BDA-I, Bhubaneswar Date of commencement 20.05.97 & date of completion 19.08.98 Rs.4, 37.28,814.00
2 Construction of staff quarters of BDA near central store at laxmisagar , Bhubaneswar under Div.No-I , BDA , Bhubaneswar Date of commencement 08.09.97 date of Completion 14.07.99 Rs.3,34,00,000.00
3 Construction of D type quarter block-I & II staff quarter of OWPO package no.5 at Unit No.8, BBSR , Orissa under E.E. dam safety (MP) Divn. BBSR. Date of commencement 10.04.2000 & date of Completion 09.09.2001 Rs.6, 46,85,587.00
4 CDR to protection work on Daya Left embankment road near village Barimulla, kalyanpur & basantpur and RD 51.00km package no- PID-12 under OSDMA Date of Commencement 2001-.2002 & date of completion2001-2002 Rs. 5,13,70,851.00
5 Renovation & Improvement of Vani Vihar Wetland & additional work under Project water, XIM, BBSR Date of commencement 06.03.2002 & date of completion 08.01.2003 Rs. 6,94,63,129.00
6 Improvement to Minors and Sub-Minors of Delanga Distributory from RD 14.987 Km to tail Ex-Sakhigopal branch Canal under WRCP of Mahanadi Delta stage-II, Package –14 Date of commencement 06.03.2002 & date of completion 31.07.2004 Rs. 13,35,31,568.00
7 CDR Bhargavi Right Embankment road Bhargavi left Embankment RD 2.00 KM to 8.40 Km & Kuakhai left embankment road at Bhainchua Package No. NMPD-22 & vide Agt. No. LCB24/2001-02 OSDMA Date of commencement 2001-07 & date of completion 2008 Rs.5, 46,64,454.00
8 CDR to Daya Right Embankment (Bituminous Road) road from RD 5.20 KM to 6.00 KM near village Kalyanapur & RD 8.00 KM to 14.65 KM from Suabarei to Dakhina Nuagaon Package No. ST/PRD-3 vide Agt. No. 01LCB2003-04 under OSDMA Date of Commencement 36.06.2008 & date of completion 29.02.2009 Rs.4, 47,47,430.00
9 Construction of Bridge over Poteru Nallah at 16 km on Korukonda-Kotapalli, Malkangiri Date of commencement 2011-12 and date of completion 31.03.12 Rs5, 3,63,70,882
10 Renovation and Improvement of Vani Vihar Wetland at Utkal University , Bhubaneswar Date of commencement 13.06.2005 date of completion 08.01.2003 Rs8,.78,83,473.00
11 Construction of Nandankanan office Buildings and Roads at Nandankanan , Bhubaneswar Date of commencement 2010-2011 and date of commencement 18.01.2013 Rs. 9,44,36,392.00
12 Construction of Type- D ( Block 1 & 2) Staff Quarters of OWPO at Bhubaneswar Date of Commencement 10.04.08 and Date of Completion 30.03.09 Rs8,45,17,806.00
13 Development of Zonal Railway Sports Complex at Bhubaneswar Date of commencement 06.08.05 and date of completion 15.06.08 Rs 1,21,27,497.00
14 Construction of 20 nos Type-II (d/s) QUARTERS FOR Railway Staff at Mancheswar workshop Date of commencement 07.08.04 and date of completion 31.10.07 Rs 61,64,298.00